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Play, Pratice, Club Anaysis all while Improving your Game

The revolutionary technology of the GC2 is literally changing the game of golf simulation. For the first time ever, the unprecedented level of accuracy generated by the GC2 has made simulation-based practice, instruction and club-fitting not only possible, but the fastest-growing method for generating reliable, true-to-life results by top players, instructors, fitters, and equipment makers everywhere.

GC2 Golf Simulator

Powered by the GC2 Smart Camera System, Foresight Sports' Performance Simulation software lets you play or practice on over 65 world-class courses around the world. Our fitting mode feature lets you analyze shot shape, compare club performance and perform comprehensive gap testing and analysis. It's everything you need to drive your game forward.

GC2 Advantages

The GC2 delivers unmatched ball analysis accuracy in a single, all-in-one design. As a launch monitor, the GC2's large, outdoor-readable LCD and three-setting audio feature deliver ball performance data in real-time, eliminating the need for a separate laptop or monitor to view your data. Plug the GC2 into a laptop or desktop computer running our simulation software and turn any simulation environment in a performance-driven golf simulator.

GC2 Monitor

With a patented on-screen ball identification system and self-leveling accelerometer, the GC2 redefines simplicity. No calibration. No marked balls. From the golf bag to the green, the GC2 can be ready to go in less than 30 seconds.

It's Unmatched with a vertical range of vision exceeding 70 degrees, the GC2 gives you flawless performance on every type of golf shot - including flops, chips and putts that other launch monitors and golf simulators miss.

Golf Simulator

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